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NFPA Automated Emergency Signaling and 
Firefighter Accountability System With Outdoor GPS


  • 2018 NFPA Compliant Emergency Signaling Automated Accountability System with GPS Location
  • Real-time Safety Monitoring with RF MAYDAY, PAR, EVAC
  • Map display of outdoor GPS location of Firefighters and SAR
  • Use with online mapping services such as ESRI and Bing
  • Create cached 'stored' maps of your geographic region
  • Display mapped location while offline, no internet connection needed
  • Import custom SHP and KML layers from your GIS map sources
  • Affix TPASS® Micro Repeater to your existing drone or UAV to expand signal coverage

Designed for Wildland Firefighters and SAR Teams

A Problem exists in Wildland Firefighting. Unlike structural Firefighters, Wildland Firefighters and Search and Rescue Teams face dangers without an SCBA or integrated PASS alarm. The Firefighting industry has demanded a stand-alone accountability solution to pinpoint the outdoor location of a Firefighter in a Wildfire. In-Commandᶲ Full View GPS™ and TPASS® 5ᶲGPS meet this demand and solve this problem by providing seamless Automated Accountability.

GPS Mapping

Grace In-Commandᶲ Full View GPS™ can be used with an internet connected mapping service such as ESRI or Bing Mapping. A user can download and create cached maps making it possible to run the system even without an internet connection. Users can also import custom SHP or KML map layers from other GIS sources.

Aerial Advantage Gives a Full View Of The Fireground

The TPASS® Micro Repeater can be attached to a user supplied drone, UAV, or air support to expand signal range by several miles. For smaller areas of operation, the TPASS® Micro Repeater can be hung from the user's mobile command tower to increase the coverage footprint.

In-Commandᶲ Full View GPS™ Emergency Signaling and Automated Accountability

Eliminate Radio Voice Chaos. In-Commandᶲ Full View GPS™ is an NFPA Compliant Emergency Signaling and Automated Firefighter Accountability system. An Incident Commander can receive Wireless Electronic MAYDAY signals from the Firefighter's TPASS® 5ᶲGPS. The Incident Commander can also send Electronic PAR Checks and see in real-time when a signal is received and acknowledged by the Firefighter. In the event of an emergency, the Incident Commander can also send an Electronic EVAC signal to one or more firefighters. The Incident Commander can once again see in real-time when the EVAC signal is received and acknowledged by the Firefighter.

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